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Wwise 251 Course - SoundBank folder confusion ??

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In my opinion, the Wwise 251 course is kind of doing a hatchet job of explaining how SoundBanks are referenced in a Unity integration. This is in the context of the Wwise Adventure Game (WAG).

As I understand it, for a Unity Wwise integration to work properly, you're supposed to tell Unity where your Wwise generated SoundBanks are located. You do this by specifying a path to the project SoundBanks folder in the Unity Wwise Settings window.

Okay. Fine.

HOWEVER, when you open the WAG game in the Unity Editor, the SoundBanks path specified by default in Unity Wwise Settings points to a folder in "StreamingAssets -> GeneratedSoundBanks". This is NOT the path set in the accompanying Wwise project, it contains no SoundBank assets at all, and it shouldn't be correct.

Yet the game audio works fine when you test it. What?

After doing some experimenting, I discovered the SoundBank folder WAG is ACTUALLY referencing is located within the game's source folder, WwiseAdventureGameSource -> GeneratedSoundBanks. This is also the path set in the associated Wwise project's "Project Settings -> SoundBanks" by default. Okay, fine. But this is definitely NOT the path set in "Unity Wwise Settings -> SoundBanks Path". Furthermore, Unity Wwise Settings only lets you specify a SoundBanks Path in relation to the project's "StreamingAssets" folder. Since the folder WAG is actually referencing for SoundBanks is located in "WwiseAdventureGameSource", and this is a level or two ABOVE the "StreamingAssets" folder, the path to the real SoundBanks folder CANNOT be specified at "Unity Wwise Settings -> SoundBanks Path".

Yet, again, it works fine.

I don't understand what's going on here. The Wwise 251 lesson warns several times that the paths in Unity Wwise Settings need to be properly set for the integration to work. In fact, I just got a quiz question regarding SoundBanks folder locations incorrect, and additional information was provided by the quiz stating " assigning a path in your Unity Wise Settings, the integration will fetch the SoundBanks." Yet, the paths set in my project currently aren't correct, it's still working, and I don't understand why.

Can anyone help me understand what's going on here?

EDIT: ALSO, Wwise 251 says to ensure the correct Wwise project path is set within "Unity Wwise Settings -> Wwise Project Path". But, there's a Wwise project located in WAG game folder (this is the default project path set in Unity Wwise Settings) and there's the Wwise project associated with each lesson. Which is the right one and why? What does associating a Wwise Project Path in this manner do? The lesson never explains this.
asked Jan 26 in General Discussion by Justin S. (100 points)

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