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No sound in iOS app after some time, but fine in Unity editor

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Hi. I have a Unity+Wwise project that used to work fine when I built in xcode for iOS. After some time though this message appeared in xcode, and I couldn't hear any sound anymore:
"AK Error: Unknown/Dead game object ID used in function SetPosition. Make sure the game object is registered before using it and do not use it once it was unregistered. GO: 4616"

It seems like my App can't locate soundbanks anymore. But I didn't change anthing!!! Also when setting the soundbank path it doesn't make any difference.

It still works fine in the Unity editor, and I didn't change anything. The error just appeared. I use a Macbook M3 Pro with the latest macOS and Wwise 2022.1.9 and Unity 2021.3.21. I already tried different versions of Wwise and Unity, but this problem persists. I can connect from Wwise to Unity, and again, no error when I play it in Unity editor. In some other projects I also couldn't connect to Wwise anymore. Even when changing ports etc.
Also, xcode says something about the script order being wrong, but I couldn't find anything to that topic after intense internet search. But since it still worked I didn't care.
"Wwise warning in AK::SoundEngine::PostEvent(wchar_t const *,AkGameObjectID): AkInitializer.cs Awake() was not executed yet. Set the Script Execution Order properly so the current call is executed after."
Can someone tell me how to set the script order properly?

It's just really annoying that my iOS builds stop playing sound after some time, with nothing changed in the settings, soundbank location etc... Seems like Wwise isn't made for the latest Apple technology...



asked Jan 31 in General Discussion by Thomas A. (100 points)

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