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Loop playback is not possible. [Hover Sound]

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I am, a Korean game sound designer.
I was curious about [Wwise] normally.
I started studying recently.

It's a loop sound question.
I applied 'Ak Event' to 'Rocket Animation'.
This sound is the rocket loop sound of the robot.
I recognized two errors while testing.

1) Loop does not work in time:
Jump and press the spacebar once more to activate the rocket roof.
But the sound didn't work from the start.
When the animation works the second time, the sound is output.
I want the loop sound to stop when I take the spacebar off.

2) Loop playback is not possible.
The sound is made to fit the length of the animation.
Loop does not rotate normally.

Is my [Blue print] setting wrong?
Or, is the setting in "Wwise" wrong?
I'm not a developer, so I'm not familiar with 'Unreal'.

For your understanding, we have prepared a recording video.

Thank you.

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asked Feb 4 in General Discussion by 동회 (100 points)

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