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Where is the "Generate Selected" button in Wwise 2023?

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I'm a noob working on Lesson 3 of the online tutorials.

I've gotten as far as "Integrating Your Game Syncs Into Cube" but the latest edition of Wwise does not match the screen captures of the tutorial. 

In the upper right there should be a "Generate Selected" button next to "Generate All" but instead I have a grayed out "Generate Checked" button. 

This is the very last step to Lesson 3 but I'm not sure how to complete it without access to the "Generate Selected" button. Any advice?

Pasting a link below to the tutorial page in question. Thank you in advance.

asked Feb 7 in General Discussion by Steven Devaney (120 points)

1 Answer

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The "Generate Selected" has been renamed to "Generate Checked" to indicate more clearly that the SoundBanks, languages and platforms you select will be the ones generated.

If it is greyed out on your side, it is because one of the three aforementioned list has nothing selected.
For the context of Wwise 101, you may also use Generate All, which will build all banks for all languages and platforms.
answered Feb 15 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (23,300 points)