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Cannot generate soundbanks for Cube

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I am using a macbook m2, trying to get through the Cube tutorial. but when i try to generate a sound bank, i get the following fatal errors:

    Time    ID    Message    Platform    Parameters
Message    20:53:47    OverrideProjectExternalSourcesOutputPaths    Override project External Sources output paths: False    
Message    20:53:47    OverrideProjectSoundBankSettings    Override project SoundBank settings: False    
Message    20:53:47    OverrideProjectSoundBankPaths    Override project SoundBank paths: True    
Message    20:53:47    UseSourceControlGeneratedFiles    Use Source Control for Generated Files: False    
Message    20:53:47    None    
Message    20:53:47    SoundBanksOutputPath    SoundBanks output path: \\    Mac
Fatal Error    20:53:47    WritingBankFileFailed    Can't write bank file 'Main' for language 'SFX': \Main.bnk    Mac    Main, SFX
Fatal Error    20:53:47    WritingBankFileFailed    Can't write bank file 'Init' for language 'SFX': \Init.bnk    Mac    Init [Missing], SFX
Fatal Error    20:53:47    WritingInfoFileFailed    Can't write SoundBank Info file: \SoundbanksInfo.xml~    Mac    \SoundbanksInfo.xml~
Fatal Error    20:53:47    WritingInfoFileFailed    Can't write SoundBank Info file: \PluginInfo.xml~    Mac    \PluginInfo.xml~
Fatal Error    20:53:47    WritingInfoFileFailed    Can't write SoundBank Info file: \PlatformInfo.xml~    Mac    \PlatformInfo.xml~

Message    20:53:47        6 message(s), 0 warning(s), 0 error(s), 5 fatal error(s)    

Really struggling with this. Any help would be appreciated

asked Feb 7 in General Discussion by Matthew Flynn (110 points)
Similar problem in lesson 2.
I can't check the work done in lesson 2 and when I try to create the soundbank I get this messages and nothing happens on cube

    Time    ID    Message    Platform    Parameters
Message    10:09:40    OverrideProjectExternalSourcesOutputPaths    Override project External Sources output paths: False    
Message    10:09:40    OverrideProjectSoundBankSettings    Override project SoundBank settings: True    
Message    10:09:40    OverrideProjectSoundBankPaths    Override project SoundBank paths: True    
Message    10:09:40    UseSourceControlGeneratedFiles    Use Source Control for Generated Files: False    
Message    10:09:40    None    Trial mode: SoundBanks contain 11 media item(s) out of the 200 permitted. If you plan on releasing your project commercially, or if you think you will require more than 200 sound assets, please register your project. If you have already registered your project, please add your license key to the Wwise project. Need help?    Mac
Message    10:09:40    ExternalSourcesOutputPath    External Sources output path: Z:\Volumes\Audio\One_Green_Audio\WISE_FMOD\Wwise-101_v2021.1\Lesson 2\Wwise Project Lesson 2\..\cube\soundbanks\Mac    Mac
Message    10:09:40    SoundBanksOutputPath    SoundBanks output path: \\    Mac
Message    10:09:40        7 message(s), 0 warning(s), 0 error(s), 0 fatal error(s)

2 Answers

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Make sure you have extract the course material inside the Cube folder and that your user has write access at this location.

In doubt, install Wwise at its default location in /Applications/Audiokinetic using the Audiokinetic Launcher: it will update permissions at installation time.
answered Feb 15 by Samuel L. (Audiokinetic) (23,300 points)
I am having the same issue using the latest version of Wwise 2023.1.1.8417.However, I am working on Windows. If you look at your soundbank output path it doesn't look right. It seems that using the override project soundbank paths causes the path for one platform to be copied over to the other. When I do not check this box and instead alter the paths at the project settings level, this succeeds. Seems like a bug of some sort to me.
@Calum You are right: this bug has been squashed and will be part of the upcoming 2023.1.3 patch release of Wwise. This issue is not present in 2022.1.
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I had the same problem. We both downloaded a wrong version of Wwise:

The versioning system used by Wwise is of the form YEAR.MAJOR.MINOR.BUILD. Specific version numbers have been blurred in the installation images because the available version of Wwise differs depending on when you download it. However, you must always use the latest minor version of Wwise 2021.1 available. Also beware, as new major versions of Wwise become available, they will not be compatible with this version of the certification.

Now it works ;)

answered Mar 13 by Filippo Costa (140 points)
I'm having this same error ("can't write bank file init for language sfx") on Windows.
I've tried reinstalling, but if the solution is "However, you must always use the latest minor version of Wwise 2021.1 available," how do you go about installing this older version of Wwise?  The version Audiokinetic gave me to install is 2023.1.2.8444 and the only other version I see available for installation is 2022.1.11.8414