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Is automated profiling possible with Wwise?

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The Wwise profiler is a very powerful tool. I've been looking for online materials related to automated profiling in Wwise but not turned up anything.

Say you have a build server that builds your game and it runs automated tests, playing through sections of the game.

Is there a way to have a process spin up an instance of Wwise, specify the target machine/config to connect to, and have it start profiling until that game instance terminates?
asked Feb 13 in General Discussion by Gareth M. (140 points)

1 Answer

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I've realised that the Wwise integration allows me to call AK::SoundEngine::StartProfilerCapture() and AK::SoundEngine::StopProfilerCapture() which starts the profiling session and saves it to a file with the .prof suffix. This file can then be manually loaded into the Wwise profiler.

With a little work this gets me what I need. I can take the .prof output file path as a commandline input to my application so it can be invoked from a batch script.
answered Feb 14 by Gareth M. (140 points)
Another way would be to use WAAPI, which depending on your usage could be better. One example is if you would like to capture a profiling session as a file on the build machine from a game running over network, e.g., from an external device such as a mobile device, game console, etc.

You could launch the console version of Wwise in WAAPI server mode with "WwiseConsole.exe waapi-server <path to your project>". Using a WAMP client of your choice, you can then connect to the server and use the WAAPI function "ak.wwise.core.remote.connect" (ref: The profiler session will be saved in the project like it would when running the Wwise Authoring application.

To get started with WAAPI: