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The issues of lacking file hierarchy in the Originals/SFX folder

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Hello everyone,

In my project, the Originals/SFX folder already contains about 3000 files, and there is no file hierarchy within the folders. This means that all audio files are placed directly within the SFX folder.

I wanted to inquire whether there are any known technical issues that might be encountered by not organizing files into subfolders within the SFX folder (specifically technical issues, not issues related to the lack of human convenience in file searching)?

Thank you!
asked Feb 20 in General Discussion by Paul A. (100 points)

1 Answer

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You won't have any technical issues, you're all good. Generally, it's a good practice to organize your assets into food groups and sub categories if you plan on retrieving or reworking the files in the future.

3000 assets is still pretty low in terms of game standards. My project has +60k sounds in the SFX originals and it's far from being perfectly organized.

If you still want to move your files into folders, you can use the Wwise File Manager but it's a very slow tool when used with a Source Control plugin like Perforce.
answered Feb 29 by Jean-Edouard M. (370 points)