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Automatically import events with auto-defined soundbanks

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Updating Wwise on our project, I switch from Event-based packaging to Auto-defined soundbanks workflow.

After a few tweaks everything works fine. But when I generate the soundbanks, Unreal does'nt automatically creates corresponding .uasset for events, RTPC etc... It does ask me to import new files after the generation, but it fails everytime. I must manually import everything from wwise browser to the content folder, and manually recreate wwise audio folder hierarchy if I want to keep it.

Here are the message I get in the log :

AssetReimport: Importing new asset [/Event path]
AssetReimport: Failed to import file [D:/Event path]

Besides, when I rename events in Wwise, it doesn't update the .uasset, instead I must recreates one and replace references, which is very tedious. I remember, when I was using EBP that import was instant and automatic.

Is this as designed ? How can I automate this process ? Did I do something wrong to this process not being by default linked ? What are the best practises ?

I'm using Wwise 2023.1.1 and Unreal 5.3.2.

Thank you very much.

EDIT : Okay, I have found that the reconcile option in the Unreal's Wwise Browser imports as new .uassets newly created events, game syncs etc. in Wwise. It also renames already existant ones. So this is a great start ! Note that it doesn't delete unused .uassets (events and game syncs deleted in wwise), neither keeps the event folder structure up to date though, but I don't remember exactly how it was with EBP and maybe that's not the way to think about things anymore.

asked Mar 14 in General Discussion by Noé M. (190 points)
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