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Multiple Listeners with Different Outputs for a sound via Ak Channel Router Not Possible Anymore in 2023.1?

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Hi all,

I have been working on an experiment project in Unreal started since Wwise 2022.1. It utilized Ak Channel Router to assign different outputs for each listeners for a specific sound, inspired by example 3 in this article

In version 2022.1, I was able to create 6 or more listeners and assign them to Sound A. Each listener had its own Ak Channel Router RTPC to specify its output channel. Sound A had its attenuation distance setup so it had a smooth transition from a listener to another (meaning from one output channel to another).

Now it doesn't seem possible to dynamically assign channel via RTPC in Ak Channel Router in Wwise 2023.1 anymore.

If anyone knows how to achieve this by any other ways, please help. This feature is crucial for this project.
Or do I miss some settings in the 2023 Ak Channel Router, please enlighten me.

asked Apr 2 in General Discussion by SNAPtz (250 points)

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