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Limbo project wont open

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Ok, Im still very new to Wwise,so if this problem can be corrected easily any help would be great

so after installing the setup for Wwise and going through it step by step just like the LIMBO instruction guide told me, the file for the project wasnt actually a Wwise file ( and when i tried to open it, it couldnt find an application) So after dragging the project onto the Wwise application hoping this would solve the problem it came up with the message "the project or one of the work units has been saved with a more recent version of wwise, and cant be opened."

I know im not describing this well but if you know where im going wrong please get back to me asap.
asked Apr 12, 2015 in General Discussion by Christopher P. (100 points)

1 Answer

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Do you get the same behaviour if you simply load Wwise and Open the Limbo project file from the initial project launcher?  Note that you may need to use 'Open Other' and find the wproj file.
answered Apr 16, 2015 by Mike D. (Audiokinetic) (3,020 points)