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"Use Reverb Volumes" required to have objects affected by Reverb?

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I am trying to set up reverb in a UE4 level.  I am not hearing any reverb and I am unsure if I am doing something wrong.


-Do I need to use "Use Reverb Volumes" on all objects I want affected by reverb (like how occlusion is set up) or will all AKcomponents and Play at location sounds automatically use Reverb unless told explicitly not to do so?
asked Apr 22, 2015 in General Discussion by Jack M. (430 points)
I assume the answer is "no" but I am unsure as I havent gotten Reverb working yet.

1 Answer

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I had a similar stump.  Couldn't get the volumes to work so I tried using the "Use Reverb Volumes" node on literally everything... no dice.  Here's how I solved the problem:  Assuming you have the desired aux bus from the WwisePicker setup correctly with your volume: check that the sounds you want to use have "Use game-defined..." aux checked on in Wwise and then generate your banks again in UE4.  If you still aren't hearing the reverb check that your Ak Reverb Volumes have collision set to "Trigger" in your details pane.  Having "No Collision" on my volumes kept the system from working for me.  Voila.  I play all my sounds from blueprints so I can confirm it will work on both Ak components and "at location" events.  Hope this helps.
answered Aug 30, 2016 by Robert R. (140 points)