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connecting sounds to multiple switches

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I have footsteps set up to change according to what terrain you are currently on by using a Switch Group on the switch container. What I'm trying to do next is have different footsteps sounds play when a character is injured. I was hoping to be able to connect the switch container to two switch groups but nested switches is weirdly not a thing. I don't want to make "injured" a state because states are global. Is there a way to have something like a nested switch that will be able to control both terrain and injury status? Would that have to be done through RTPC only?

Thanks in advance!
asked Apr 23, 2015 in General Discussion by Jocelyn R. (260 points)

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Hi Jocelyn,

Nested switches are possible- I do it for terrain type and movement speed (sneak/walk/run). You could also do it with an RTPC. furthermore, you can link the RTPC to a switch, so from the game engine it would be like using a switch.

answered Apr 23, 2015 by Richard Goulet (5,740 points)
oh i see. so just to clarify, nested switches are possible by linking an RTPC with a parameter 'injured' to the "terrain" switch? (like the example on pg 396 on the manual) Theres not a way to create two switches, one 'injured' and the other 'terrain' w/o having to hook it up to an RTPC?

thank you for your time :)
I think you might be misunderstanding... Nested switches are completely possible as is, to whichever depth you want. I have created nested switch structures up to 4 layers deep. Are you encountering some type of problem when attempting to nest one switch container into another? I forgot to mention, you can not put a virtual folder inside of a switch container, if that's what you're trying :)