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Unity 5 Integration - Wwise Setup Window Won't Appear [closed]

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I'm currently having an issue getting the Wwise Setup window to appear after import into Unity 5. Running Unity 5.0.1f1 64-bit and Wwise v2014.1.1 build5248 64-bit. It seems the package installs correctly but I cannot proceed with the integration as the Wwise Unity Integration setup window will not appear.

Build Target platform set to Windows (PC) x86_64 using the WwiseUnityIntegration_v2014.1.4_Windows.unitypackage.

closed with the note: Fixed.
asked Apr 24, 2015 in General Discussion by Justin D. (100 points)
closed Apr 24, 2015 by Justin D.
As a help for future users that might encounter this issue, can you share with us how you fixed the issue? Thanks!
what was the solution?

I have the same issue
Same problem with me. Please help :(