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In new UE4 project, no audio or spheres from AK events dragged into the scene?

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Apologies for what I think must be some simple initialization step I am missing. I'm trying to get this working in a larger project, but used a new project here for testing purposes.

First I create a new UE4 project, (the simple FPS example), and link it to my Wwise project in the project plugin settings. Then I drag events from Wwise into the content browser of UE4. Then I double click into the Wwise events and associate them with a newly created sound bank (MainBank). Then I successfully generate the soundbank from the Build menu. I can now preview my events in the content browser, so I know it's working up to that point.

However, when I attempt to drag an AK Event into the scene to place it as an ambient source, I don't see any associated attenuation sphere or hear anything during play. I know this method should work from observing it in the Wwise Integration Demo. My event is set up in Wwise as 3D positional and game-defined, with a reasonably moderate attenuation curve. I feel like I'm missing some step that tells a new UE4 project how to handle ambient Wwise objects.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
asked May 15, 2015 in General Discussion by Jeremy G. (100 points)

1 Answer

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You should generate the SoundBank metadata files in your Wwise project.

  1. In Wwise, go to Project > Project Settings
  2. Select the SoundBanks tab
  3. Check the "Generate Per Bank Metadata file" checkbox
  4. Check the "Generate JSON Metadata" checkbox
  5. Under "Metadata options", check the "Max attenuation" checkbox
Re-generate your SoundBanks from Unreal, and the spheres should show up (in the Editor, but not in PIE mode).
As for hearing your sound, don't forget to start the ambient sound from a Blueprint (Use the Start Ambient Sound node).
answered May 26, 2015 by Benoit S. (Audiokinetic) (16,000 points)