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No sound in Unity build (but not project)?

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I have a problem where my project plays sound just fine, but once I try to make a build of the project it's totally silent.  I've seen others with the same problem, and they seem to have solved it by generating their soundbanks to Unity's streaming assets folder.  I have done this (changhed the soundbanks path in user settings to streaming assets and generating) and I still have no audio.  Forgive me for I'm new to wwise, but I don't know how to get sound working!  Any help is appreciated.
asked May 31, 2015 in General Discussion by Thomas K. (120 points)

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Hello Thomas,

Make sure your SoundBanks are located in PROJECT_ROOT\Assets\StreamingAssets\Audio\GeneratedSoundbanks. For instance, if you are building your project for Windows, your SoundBanks need to be inside: PROJECT_ROOT\Assets\StreamingAssets\Audio\GeneratedSoundbanks\Windows.

Hope this helps !



answered Jun 1, 2015 by Fabien B. (Audiokinetic) (12,420 points)
Hi Fabien,

I have exactly the same error. In Editor mode everything is ok but when I make a build (Mac or Windows) I can't hear anything. I've spent two days trying to figure out what's happening but I couldn't find any solution.

I manually copy my GeneratedSoundBanks folder (from my Wwise project) inside \StreamingAssets\Audio and I can find the files in the XXX_Data folder once I make the build, however we continue without sound.

Are we doing something wrong? Would be great if you can point us in the right direction.
Hello Juan, I would suggest you to connect to your game using Wwise authoring and then check that the banks are loaded.

Also, if you have 3D sounds make sure when using the built version of the game that the listener is close enough to the source you are trying to listen to.