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Intergrity Report - "Seek table NOT required" shouldn't appear when we use Seek/SeekAll in Events

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With Vorbis codec, Seek table is required when we use Seek/SeekAll Event Actions, right?

Though, the Intregity Report tells us that for those sounds, the seek table is NOT required.
So, the maintenance of the Wwise Project is a bit disturbed by that. Could you fix it?

asked Nov 7, 2013 in General Discussion by MartinBP (230 points)

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Thank you for reporting the issue.    You are right, the seek table is required for seek events.

The issue is confirmed and the number is WG-20048.
answered Nov 8, 2013 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (35,090 points)
selected Jul 5, 2016 by MartinBP