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Can I use an Event to start a Music Playlist Container?

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Should it be possible to use an Event to play a Music Playlist Container? I couldn't get this to work so I setup a simple test, but that doesn't seem to work either, I guess I'm missing something obvious…

In my test I have 3 separate instrument tracks for the same piece of music, I wish to combine these in a Music Segment so they all play synchronously[*]

I also want these tracks to loop - as far as I can see, the way to do this is to have these sit underneath a Music Playlist Container and then set that Container to be infinite looping (via the Interactive Music window)


However, I can't seem to play the tracks via an Event if I use the Music Playlist Container.


In more detail:

This works: I can set an event to point to the Music Segment. I can test this via the play button in the Transport Control and it plays all three tracks (without looping of course, as this is only set in the Music Playlist Container). This behaviour makes sense and seems fine, and it works in game when I post the test event.

This doesn't work as I expect: If I set the event to point to the Music Playlist Container instead (so that the tracks will loop), the play option in the Transport Controls is greyed out. And running this as an Event in game (via Unity) doesn't play anything.


Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong here?


[*] why do I want to do this? Later, I will amend the volume per track based on States.
asked Jun 28, 2015 in General Discussion by Chris (690 points)

1 Answer

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Support helped me out with this one (thanks support!) so I will answer myself!

It turns out that even though my music segment was a child of my playlist container within the project explorer, the music playlist needed to be dragged and dropped into the group within the music Playlist editor (accessible via the e Music playlist editor found in the interactive music layout). That totally fixed it!
answered Jul 22, 2015 by Chris (690 points)