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Is Wwise manual a little bit littery and tangled?

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Since I didn't use Wwise for awhile and also a lot of things were changed I decided that I have to read the complete UserGuide again to consolidate my knowledge. But it is easy to say than do!

I personally think that Wwise's UserGuide is one of the things which should be definitely improved because the process of reading it sometimes is just painfull. Of course a lot of chapters are very well written and overall structure is clean and straight but still there are so many pages which I just cannot read without thinking: "Why-Do-I-Need-This-Right-Now?".

Shortly speaking the main problems for me are the next things:

  • frequent topic distraction
  • frequent presence of unnecessary information
  • way to much space and letters is wasted for such elementary things like pressing or clicking of obvious buttons (and the worst part - these processes are described with alternatives!)

I have attached the examples:

I think that such things are really contradicting the principles of effective learning:

  • stay in focus
  • keep it simple
  • do not try to learn everything at once

I am using Wwise many years and aforementioned problem for me consist only in the distraction. But I think for newbies it can be worse.
I hope guys and girls from Audiokinetic will read it :)

asked Aug 4, 2015 in General Discussion by Marcel Z. (140 points)

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Thanks for you comments Marcel! They are duly noted and I intend to follow up on them, perhaps within a larger revamping of our documentation over the next year.

In line with this, if you or other Wwise users should have any other remarks or suggestions about the documentation, we'd love to hear them.
answered Aug 5, 2015 by Rob M. (Audiokinetic) (480 points)
selected Aug 7, 2015 by Marcel Z.
This is great Rob!

I am going through the entire manual right now little by little. And if I will met something related I will write it here in this post.

Thank you!