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Is it possible to Remote Connect to Unity 5?

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Hi, I've been trying to use Remote Connection to debug some sound issues with Unity 5.  I've tried various different things (including ticking "Run in Background", unblocking the firewall, checking for adb.exe etc), to no avail.

Unity : 5.1.2p3

Wwise : 2014.1.4 Build 5248

There is mention of "SDK Documentation", but I can't find any download links to it anywhere.

Q1, Is there a way of changing the DLL Configuration for Wwise (I notice there are Debug, Profile, Release dlls shipped with the unitypackage)?

Q2, Is there a specific set of steps you need to perform in order to connect - do you have to "build" a standalone exe, or should it work within the Unity Editor?

Q3, Ideally, I'd like any solution to work on PS4 as well as PC, so is there anything I would need to do (in addition) in order to achieve this?

Many thanks!
asked Aug 18, 2015 in General Discussion by Stuart H. (130 points)

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Make sure the Wwise configuration is either Debug or Profile to connect Wwise to Unity. This can be set in Unity via the Assets > Wwise > Activate Plugins menu items.

answered Aug 25, 2015 by Guillaume R. (Audiokinetic) (5,630 points)
selected Sep 2, 2015 by Claude B. (Audiokinetic)