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GameObject wont register in AkEnvironment Unity

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Hello Again!

I am having trouble getting a certain object to register in the Aux sends in Wwise.

I have two objects, which are part of the same character, one representing the head, and one representing the body. The body registers perfectly fine within the AKEnvironment component, but the head just straight up refuses to!

I have tried switching their sounds around and if I move the head sounds to the body they are affected by the environment, but nothing is ever affected from the head.
asked Sep 2, 2015 in General Discussion by Ralph C. (260 points)

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I know from your other question that the head has a RigidBody, but does it have a collider as well? AkEnvironments work with collisions, so a collider is needed for them to work.
answered Sep 3, 2015 by Benoit S. (Audiokinetic) (16,000 points)
selected Sep 4, 2015 by Ralph C.
*bangs head on desk*

OF course! Thanks.

Just a quick one though: is this also a requirement if you set up auxsends in code? I would prefer to handle the environment this way, but I couldn't get it to work at all (even for the body)

heres the code I used (obvs not all of it is here, I have a system that switches depending on what environment is active)

        GameManager.CurrentArea whichArea;
        whichArea = GameManager.instance.currentArea;
        AkAuxSendArray aEnvs = new AkAuxSendArray(1);
        aEnvs.Add(AkSoundEngine.GetIDFromString("HubAux"), 1.0f);
        AKRESULT res = AkSoundEngine.SetGameObjectAuxSendValues(in_gameObjectID, aEnvs, 3);

I notice that the GO does show up in the profiler as registered, but as soon as the player makes any interaction, it just disappears. Is this call meant to be in Update maybe?
And of course, in a classic programmer move, I've answered my own question, yes it DOES have to be in update!

Glad you could figure it out!