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How to stop and kill ambient sounds/voices/streams in UE4.

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Is there a way to kill a voice when it reaches its attenuation limit? When I use "Start All Ambient Sounds", in a level Blueprint, I would love to if the sounds voices and streams, gets killed when exciting the attenuation.

I've been using Wwise Performance Monitor and all ambient voices/streams are running, though I've left their attenuation and everything is dead quiet..

Have I missed something important here?


I think I solved the issue with VVB kill voice and offset priority -5

David Eisler

Arrowhead Game Studios
asked Sep 18, 2015 in General Discussion by David E. (100 points)

1 Answer

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You should set the volume threthold in project setting.e,g -50dB. then set the ambient sound into virtual voice,in the advanced setting tab.

When the sound volume is lower than -50dB, the voice will be put into virtual voice,when the volume is higher than -50dB,the sound will be put back from virtual voice into physical voice.

Regarding, I think you can not kill them,because you killed them,when you get inside the attenuation,you have to play them again.

HongTao Wang

YingPei Games
answered Sep 26, 2015 by HongTao (280 points)