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Unity script compile time

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We're using the Unity Wwise integration plugin on Windows, and although our linked Wwise project is nearly empty, we're getting compile times of around 400% longer than we were before Wwise was integrated - is there anything we can do to try and reduce this? I'm not talking about the startup time when hitting play - just the time when we modify one of our own scripts (unrelated to Wwise, and containing no Wwise code) - we have to wait on Unity Editor for a long time.

asked Sep 23, 2015 in General Discussion by Shaun C. (110 points)
Hi, is anyone able to give any pointers on this?

Did you find a fix or workaround for this ?
We have the same issue and it may force us to integrate wwise way later in the project.
I'm also having this issue on a project that I'm working on.  

I'm noticing that wwise doesn't copy soundbanks into streaming assets until project build, and am going to try to manually copy them and see if the compile time decreases

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Hey. It sounds weird. Have you tried removing the Wwise integration, and importing it again? Just to confirm, try building/compiling it without Wwise and measure the time spent.

It should take that long, even when Wwise is implemented in your apps.
answered Nov 4, 2015 by Egil S. (1,100 points)
Hi, yeah I've tried reimporting Wwise several times. I noticed that the script compilation doesn't seem to be the problem - error appear (or disappear, if fixed) after the first few seconds (which is a fairly normal compile time for us), but there's a longer delay after that, where Unity can hang, and the compiling spinner at the bottom-right of the Unity window doesn't really spin. My assumption is that this is a step performing audio compression or copying files from one place to another. It doesn't happen if Wwise is taken out of the project.