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Control Obstruction Response Per Sound in Wwise?

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We've recently encountered a scenario where the dialogue spoken by an enemy character is too muffled by our obstruction system when the player hides behind a rock. Unfortunately, it'd be very costly at this stage of the project to try and change the specific rocks (though I am still pushing for it) to have a less opaque material, partly due to our infrastructure.

We also can't just ignore all obstruction on the source, since the enemy is generic and have a single sound source; doing so would also make their SFX ignore obstruction, which is undesirable. The designers also would rather not make the dialogue 2D, since it is spoken by the enemy in the world while the player has camera control, so they want it to spatialize properly.

My question is this: is there some way in Wwise that our audio designers could specify that these particular bits of dialogue should somehow bypass or suppress the effects of obstruction on them? I poked around the tool myself and asked some of the designers if they knew of anything, but so far nobody has found anything.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!
asked Sep 30, 2015 in General Discussion by Vitor M. (160 points)

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