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Unity Integration: State change always occurs immediately

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I have a Music Playlist subscribed to a State Group with two states, "Off" and "On." While the State Group is in "Off," the Music Playlist's voice volume is silent, and while it's "On," it's at 0db. The change is set to occur at the Next Bar. Testing the state change using the Transport Control works as expected, however whenever I trigger the state change in Unity, the change always occurs immediately instead of at the next bar.

I've tried using Ak State to switch the state to "On," as well as Ak Event playing an event which sets the state to "On" but neither seem to work. Is this a limitation with the Unity game engine, or am I doing something wrong?

My goal is to have different music playlists assigned to different game objects, which can be turned on/off separately via triggers in the game, but that start at least on the next bar or the entry cue, instead of immediately, so they all stay in sync with each other. If there is a better way to approach that, please let me know!

Thanks so much,

asked Dec 7, 2015 in General Discussion by Soren Laulainen (170 points)

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