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Bypassing playback speed when using transition segments.

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I'm currently in the experimental stages with Wwise, and I've come up with a problem that I can't find the solution to.

I've got a basic music system set up whereby a transition segment plays when a state change occurs and music is switched. I've got the Source and the Destination offset a bit with a fade-out and fade-in respectively so that the music tracks blend seamlessly during the transition. This works fine when I have the playback speed on all the music set to "1". Things start going wrong when I change the playback speed of any of the music segments within the system though. Basically, the problem is that the Source and Destination music adopts the playback speed of the transition segment, but only during the transition. For example, if the playback speed of the transition segment is set to "2", the Source music audibly speeds up during the expected fade out, as does the Destination music as it fades in. Once the transition is finished, the playback speed returns to normal. Technically, this could easily be solved by adjusted the playback speed as desired outside of Wwise and then re-importing the file, but I imagine that there's a way to solve this within Wwise and I just can't seem to figure out how. Is there a way to set the Source and Destination music segments to bypass the playback speed of transition segments?

Thanks for any help you may have!
asked Dec 8, 2015 in General Discussion by Jeremy R. (100 points)
I'm experiencing the same issue here with Wwise 2019.1.2.6977.


I'm transitionning from a music segment at 1x to a segment at 0.5x playback speed.

I use fades to have smooth transition between segment A and B.

The overall playback speed applied to is the one from the properties of the "main" segment : segment A, if we haven't crossed his post exit, then abruptly to segment B if we already passed the post entry.

So when crossing the entry point of B, segment A is pitched down 2times for the duration of its fade out postExit.

Is there any way to have divergent playback speed in a music switch container and smooth transition ?

Thanks in advance,


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