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Wwise - integration in CryEngine doesn't seem to load bus hierarchy and effects on a bus aren't working

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Hi ! We are making a project in CryEngine, and we updated the CryWwise plugin developed by fellow students to Wwise 2013.2.2.

CryWwise builds a new DLL around AkSoundEngine.dll that is called by CryGame.dll, itself called by the CryEngine editor and launcher files. It successfully plays sounds and uses positioning information.

When the game is launched, everything works (including effects on bus) when the Profiler is connected, with the right Wwise project in it.

When the Profiler is not active, however, or when it's another project, the effects on busses don't work anymore (they seem to work sometimes when called directly on a sound object). There doesn't seem to be any bus in the profiler except the Master Audio Bus, the effects on busses aren't there, the 3D attenuation isn't working. The only errors in the profiler in this case are "Plug-in not registered: Unknown"

We are unable to determine the source of the problem since RegisterAllPlugins() returns true.

So, we were wondering what the profiler does that enables effects on busses? Is there something special to do to load the bus hierarchy?
asked Jan 28, 2014 in General Discussion by Michèle K. (140 points)

1 Answer

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We figured it out :
In Wwise 2013.2.2, contrary to what is described in the documentation, loading a bank doesn't return AK_FAIL when the required plug-ins weren't properly registered.
In particular, when the following (wrong) process is applied :
1) load Init.bnk
2) register plug-ins
3) load another bank
steps 1 and 3 do not notify of failure but the plug-ins will not work either.


answered Feb 11, 2014 by Michèle K. (140 points)