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Immediate Transition for Music Track Switch

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I have made a step sequencer that can respond to user input in game using Wwise's music system, but I'm running into an issue with switch latency. When the sequencer is playing and the player toggles a step on or off, it waits until the next cycle through the pattern (1 bar) to start playing that step.

I think I've isolated the issue to the transition applied to the track upon a change in the state of the switch. By default, the transition waits until the exit cue to stop playing the source, and waits until the entry cue to start playing the destination. I can change the stop time on the source to immediate in the editor, but the "Sync To" field on the destination is non-interactive.

How would I go about making switches immediately turn on or off a music track?
asked Dec 31, 2015 in General Discussion by Charlie H. (270 points)

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