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WWise Volume RTPC built in curve equations

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Please can you outline the equations use for the following curve types:


Curve Scaling dB - Linear

         - point (-60,-200) 

         - point (60, 200)

linear curve


Curve Scaling dB - SCurve

         - point (-60,-200) 

         - point (0, 0)

         - point (60, 200)



Reason being, we have stored X values in our own data that plug into these volume RTPCs which we want to convert whole sale from the ( Curve Scaling dB - Linear ) to the ( Curve Scaling dB - SCurve ), to do this is simple enough if we have the actual curve equation used to generate each of the curves.


Essentially, given the X Value of the linear curve I need to sample the Y value, then given this Y value sample the SCurve to find the new X value.


Please can you provide me with the curve equations so that we can convert our data from one curve to the other.

Many thanks





asked Jan 7, 2016 in General Discussion by Johnmichael Q. (130 points)

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