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How dangerous it is to use Unity's own Audio Listener while using AkListener at the same time?

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Hi there everyone, we are using Wwise in Unity, and pretty much happy with it since it gets most of the things easier for us.

In my project, I have a huge scene, and lots of lots of sound caster objects, different camera's etc. and I do call Wwise events frequently, so as you can understand, in the project, I deal with Wwise a lot and have lots of sounds, which Wwise handles.

My question is, let's say that I need to add an audio to the project, but I'm unable to do it so using Wwise. (Since I'm not the audio developer and can't wait for soundbank to get updated by developer). When I add the Unity's default audio listener, and also keep the AkListener on the camera, I'm able to hear both Wwise driven events and Unity's own audios. But what I fear is, using Unity's own Audio Listener and a simple ogg files to add extra sounds without using Wwise events, will it cause problems about memory management or how Wwise handles the sounds? Inside the editor, there is no problem for the 1 sound file I added, but I don't want to end up with sound errors on the Editor or on the Build after I add more, that's why I'm asking.

Thanks, have a nice day.
asked Jan 26, 2016 in General Discussion by Inan E. (100 points)

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