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Why Can't I Permanently Loop Music Segments?

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I'm implementing a piece of interactive horror music into a small-scale 3D Unity game.  The music has 3 distinct parts: a main track that loops, a track for high string staccato figures, and a track for low string staccato figures.  The staccatos have to match up with the main track, but I only want the staccato tracks triggered when the player loses a certain amount of health. i.e. when the player is down to 60% health, the low strings start playing their staccato figure.  The main track is contained within its own playlist and set to loop infinitely.  The two staccato tracks are their own music segments.  I can't, for the life of me, figure out a way to trigger these staccato tracks so that they satisfy all of the following criteria: 1) Are in-sync with the main track, 2) Loop infinitely once triggered, and 3) Start from their respective beginnings.

Triggering the staccato tracks as Stingers satisfies criteria 1 and 3, but since there is no infinite loop option on a music segment, I have to click and drag the track out to something ridiculous like 20 minutes.  While this kind of solves my problem, it's A) Really annoying, and B) Impractical bc the loop is not truly infinite.  If this were a longer game, I'd have to sit there and drag the track out even farther..!

Am I missing some functionality here?  I feel like this is something super basic that Wwise should be able to handle easily.
asked Feb 9, 2016 in General Discussion by Thomas S. (100 points)

1 Answer

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Create a Sequence Container, Create a child music segment, Create 3 child music tracks, create a state group with the number of different states you need (low Health, High Danger etc.)

Add the Music Segment to the sequence container, Set the Sequence container toContinous, and the Segment to Infinite loop.

Set the Start end loop points in the segment.

Add the State to the Music Track (not the Segment)

On each track in turn,  set the volumes for each track in each State. Adjust State Transition times in the Game Sync. You might want to set Virtual voice to play from elapsed time for economy.

I think this will do what you need.
answered Feb 11, 2016 by Simon P. (270 points)
Why not a loop checkbox like in a sound SFX?This would be so much simpler