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Why are my volume sliders not working fully?

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Using Wwise 1.5 (recently upgraded from 1.4) and UNity 5

I have music audio directed to Master secondary bus, with RTPC range 0-1 to control music volume.... this works fine.

I have sound FX directed to a sub Bus of the Master Bus, with a seperate RTPC with same range 0-1 which maps to same graph  0--200 volume

In unity editor, I see the values changing as expected as the settings sliders are moved 0-1

The music volume changes as expected, but the SFX barely changes volume.

If I connect to the Wwise profiler tool, I can see the test sounds being played, but the volume is only varying by a small amount, +-12 barely audible difference....

anyone know why please ?

One other weird thing which might be relevant...   I added a bus volume rtpc to master bus.  It doesn't work.  But if I connect to profiler, then it works.   hmmmmm  bug ?

One more thing... all my sfx, used to be in 2nd Auxil bus...   While trying to fix this, I moved them all into a regular bus with a different name.  When I use the profiler... I still see the profiler showing the old bus name, even though none of the sounds are assigned to that bus ???    more bugs ?

Update:-  deleted the old Bus from wwise,  now when connecting to profiler, instead of showing the sounds playing on the new busses, it shows a number for the busses  0329586839368   something like this for the music bus.

and for the sound FX they all show up on the master bus, not the SoundFX bus they are assigned to, not even a bus with a number identifier..

Seems like the numbered bus is some kind of error recovery Wwise is attempting. Also seems like its not using latest config properly, or cant send it to unity.

Also noticed Wwise seems to generate code into the unity project... is there a way to clear this all out and reset it back to like a new installation. Suspecting upgrading from 1.4 to 1.5 broke things.

any help appreciated, thanks.
asked Feb 25, 2016 in General Discussion by Jon H. (160 points)

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