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UE4 Top Down: Attenuation & Spatialisation Issues (Tip)

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This is a tip rather than a question. I had an issue solving this, and thought it would be useful to share.

Using the top-down example map in UE4.10 attenuatino settings in UE4 are by default set to play 'through' the camera. Using the setup in the BP below (in this example, placed in the TopDownCharacter BP) the sound is firced through the springarm instead. 

This ensures attenuation works correctly in terms of distance from source.

You may wish to force the override through the character mesh instead, but note that the source orientation will be calculated on the mesh orientation, not the viewpoint. In my scenario, the camera can rotate around the player (mesh), and I want sounds to orient themselves based on the player's view. Routing through the springarm solves both attenuation and spatialisation issues :)

asked Mar 30, 2016 in General Discussion by Ashleigh A. (480 points)

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