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Access multiple callbacks

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I am trying to access both the custom cues and AK_MusicSyncBeat from my playing segment. My goal is to be able to react to each grid tick as well as custom cues from within my code. I managed get the custom cue strings into Unity but I cannot figure out how to use the beat information. I tried my best to go through the Music Callback Demo Integration and SDK documentation but I am still relatively new to programming. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction? 

Here is my code:

    // extract the text from User Cues 
    public void PostMusicEvent (string noteOn) 
        AkSoundEngine.PostEvent(noteOn, gameObject, (uint)AkCallbackType.AK_MusicSyncUserCue | (uint)AkCallbackType.AK_MusicSyncBeat, MusicCallBack, this);

    private void MusicCallBack (object in_cookie, AkCallbackType in_type,  object in_callbackInfo)
        AkCallbackManager.AkMusicSyncCallbackInfo musicInfo = in_callbackInfo as AkCallbackManager.AkMusicSyncCallbackInfo;

        callbackText = musicInfo.pszUserCueName;
        //gridTick = AkCallbackType.AK_MusicSyncBeat;

asked Apr 2, 2016 in General Discussion by Brad F. (150 points)

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