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source starvation on sounds in memory

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We are seeing some source starvation errors in the Wwise profiler, but they are for sounds that are in memory, not streamed!

From what I understand from the documentation, source starvation errors refer to streamed file IO, and I shouldn't be seeing them on memory sounds.

Anyone seen this kind of error before? Is there anything that can cause source starvation errors to be reported for non-streaming sounds?

asked May 10, 2016 in General Discussion by Simon G. (970 points)

1 Answer

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I'm currently having this problem as well, running on NX. Did you learn what was the cause of this?

answered Jul 27, 2017 by Jens A. (160 points)
We had some feedback that it could be that the wrong error is being reported when the hardware decoder doesn't supply buffers fast enough. We were seeing it on atrac9 encoded files with some extreme runtime pitch shifting.
Thanks. That turned out to be the case for me as well. Moving the Wwise threads to a different cpu core in combination with splitting up the load between the hardware audio format and ADPCM solved this for us.