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Weird installation problem + Hash + Example projects not working

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Hi community!
This is my first post over here, so sorry if its really numb. 

The main problem:
Im trying to execute the example projects (Demo_Cube.msi, Demo_Limbo.msi, Sampleproject.msi, WwiseProjectAdventure.msi) and none of them work.
A window appears saying that is 'Gathering required information', it finish loading and then it closes. 

I dont know really what is happening. 

Something weird that happened with Wwise installation:
Maybe its related with an installation problem that I had with Wwise?
When i was installing it, this appeared at the end:  
Package                                             Message
SDK (Windows, Visual Studio 2008)      Failed to verify the package: hash value is not correct
SDK (Windows, Visual Studio 2015)      Failed to verify the package: hash value is not correct

Any ideas?

See you later community!

asked May 14, 2016 in General Discussion by Julián M. (100 points)

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