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Packaged UE 4.11 project has random soundbank missing

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My team and I are working with Unreal Engine 4.11.2 with the Wwise plugin. We have no problem with it while in the editor, but when we package the game some soundbanks are randomly missing. I have tried generating all soundbanks at once, one by one, in different orders but everytime we package the game we're always missing one or two.

The Wwise project path and installation path are populated in the project settings so it's not coming from that. Also there are a few projects in our school that encounters the exact same problem. Are we missing a configuration somewhere? Do we have to change something in the settings?


In my builds I'm getting the following error logs:

Package contains EditorOnly data which is not supported by the current build.
LogLinker:Warning: Can't find localized file for asset '/Game/WwiseAudio/AkEvents/interactions/neons/neon_hover_stop' while loading NULL.


So I tried to copy the WwiseAudio folder where the logs ask for it and it didn't help


Thanks in advance
asked May 21, 2016 in General Discussion by Titouan D. (100 points)
edited May 24, 2016 by Titouan D.

I'm currently experiencing the same problem,

When building only a few kinda randomly selected sounds are being played.

Did you find a solution to this problem?

Thanks for your help
Disabling PAK files was the only solution I found. I'm still waiting on Audiokinetics to answer.

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