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Easiest way to bypass dry signal of realtime mic in Unity/Wwise?

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I've been mulling this over the past few days and I'm pretty sure I've been overthinking it.

I'd like to take a realtime audio input from a player and play it back (realtime) in the Unity scene but only hearing the 'wet' signal.
Example: Player realtime microphone input > Wwise > scene environment reverb

Is this as simple as routing the input through Wwise with a reverb aux send and out into the Unity gameobject.

Mute dry audio, playback reverb aux send?

asked May 21, 2016 in General Discussion by Robert B. (100 points)
Could you tell me how to get real-time microphone input into Wwise in Unity? Hope you could paste some reference urls.
How did you get audio input into Unity?
Hi Kristina, Thanks a lot. Hope your VRAASP project succeed. I used to be an architecture, now I'm trying to design space by sound. I'm glad to find out I'm not alone :) 

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