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(UE4) Could I remove the Visibility collision check in the TBE_Room audio Volume?

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Howdy all! On the project I'm working we're using Wwise for reverb which is currently working pretty well. The problem I'm having is that to navigate around our scene we use a teleport system which performs collision checks to ensure we won't end up in a bad spot. We're checking the Visibility channel in UE4 which the TBE_Room box, a volume that's spawned in by the ATBE_Room class, has marked for overlaps. This creates a seemingly false positive for collision and an area a user would have trouble entering.

My question is that can I set the Visibility channel to ignore for the TBE_Room volume or is it an important part to get everything working right?
asked May 24, 2016 in General Discussion by Philip R. (130 points)

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