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Some questions about Unity Integration

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Hey there,

I'm not a fantastic programmer, and I'm still fairly new to Unity (been using it for about 4 months now).

I have a game built, and I've been using Wwise to create my sounds. I've followed basically all of the Wwise Unity Integration (Standard)'s methods of getting Wwise up and running within Unity; but am having problems getting it to work.


Here are three screenshots documenting my situation.

1) I'm encountering a lot of errors within the compiler. It seems like it's trying to pull data from an example scene, though I'm not sure why. (The highlighted error relates to #3)

2) My banks are built properly, I think - which leads to number three.

3) I recreated the script that the tutorial said to use in testing, but it is not working.


Also, I'm unable to get the profiler to connect. I have the build settings set to 'run in background,' but am unable to have the Wwise session connect to the game (on the same computer, not over network)


If someone could give me a step-by-step on how to get a single sound working on a single object, that would be greatly appreciated =)


Thanks a ton!

asked Mar 10, 2014 in General Discussion by Alex G. (140 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Alex,

Here are some clues to answer your questions:

1) Do you have AkSoundEngine.dll in your Assets/Plugins folder? If you do not, install the correct version of the plugin by using the menu Wwise->Install Plugin. The Windows version of the plugin also needs the Direct End-User Runtime to be installed. Is this your case?

2) Your banks should be in Assets/StreamingAssets/Audio/GeneratedSoundbanks.

3) Once the soundbanks are in the right place, and the DLL can be found, your script should work properly.

To be able to connect the profiler, make sure you install the Profile version of the plugin.

Let me know if this helps!


answered Mar 14, 2014 by Benoit S. (Audiokinetic) (16,020 points)