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Edit an existing soundbank file

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So, I am absolutely brand new to this and trying to figure it out. My end goal is to take a sound bank file and edit one of the sounds inside it, then put it back inside the original game. If you haven't guessed, I'm trying to modify the game. So through a couple external applications I was able to pull the sound bank file out of the application as a .bnk file, pull all of the sounds out of the file as .wem files, and then convert them to .wav files. Then I was able to import all of the files into my project, create a new sound bank, and get the files generated into a sound bank. The problem from there is this: When I put the file into the game no sounds played from it, and when I went through the steps to extract the files from the sound bank file I just created, I got an error when I tried to convert them from .wem to .wav. What I need from you fine people is to answer my couple questions. 1: How do I properly import the files and then generate the sound bank file? I'm using "Audiokinetic Wwise RIFF/RIFX Vorbis to Ogg Vorbis converter 0.22 by hcs" to convert the files from .wem to .wav and the error that I'm getting is "Parse error: expected 0x42 fmt if vorb missing." Am I not converting them to the right platform or something? 2: This might all prove academic because through this process I am losing any event information that would be in the sound bank file. So even if I do successfully get everything all working, would I be missing needed event information in the .bnk file that I would not be able to get without programming it back in myself? Am I completely guessing wrong or something? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm just very confused as I just started picking this up today, so any help will be appreciated, and please, be gentle; I'm new.
asked May 24, 2016 in General Discussion by Brian A. (140 points)
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