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RTCP not changing through Unity.

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I have a blend container which I've added a blend track to controller by a custom Game Parameter. In unity, my script attempts to change the RTCP value, however no change is seen.

        sizeValue -=  (speed * Time.deltaTime);
        AkSoundEngine.SetRTPCValue("Elevation", sizeValue, gameObject);
        float value = 0f;
        int rtcpType = 0;
        AkSoundEngine.GetRTPCValue("Elevation", gameObject, 1, out value, ref rtcpType);


that is my code within update. I print out the value from GetRTCP and it always returns the original setting. SizeValue is printed too and is definitely decreasing.
It seems that        
        AkSoundEngine.SetRTPCValue("Elevation", sizeValue, gameObject);

just doesn't work.
Is there something within the Wwise side I need to do before I can use my custom RTCP? I've checked syntax and the spelling is exactly the same.

Thanks in advance
asked Jun 24, 2016 in General Discussion by Zoe W. (150 points)
Same problem. Did you found solution?

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