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Game-defined reverb is not receiving signal from certain emitters, even though Profiler says it is?

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I'm stumped. I have 4 similar emitters - all share the same attenuation curve. All have game-defined reverb sends, and three of those have volumes at -96 whereas the fourth is at 0. At the triggering of a certain event I have an RTPC that brings the -96 of the other three emitters up to 0. According to the profiler, the RTPC does in fact trigger and go to 100 - the value that would bring my 3 game-defined reverb bus volumes to 0. Moreover, also according to the profiler, the game-objects' sends are sending at healthy levels to the reverb in question - between -0.9 and 2.7 (variances due to two overlapping reverb zones). However, if I mute the one functioning emitter (the one that starts at 0) while profiling, all signal in the reverb send stops - despite what the profiler says, and no reverb can be heard. At the same time, if, while profiling, I manually click into the game-object's send's defined reverb bus volume and change it to 0, then the reverb works - signal comes into the reverb aux and reverb can be heard. Since the parameter is changing as designed, I figure the problem lies somehow in the RTPC not affecting the send volume, but everything looks Kosher to me and I cannot figure out what the problem is.
asked Aug 2, 2016 in General Discussion by Beatrix Moersch (3,280 points)

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UPDATE: I discovered that the parameter was affecting the send and reverb if I had it drop rather than raise the volume. In further testing I found that by changing the starting volume of the emitters to -20 rather than -96, the parameter was now notably affecting the send value and reverb as designed. I'm guessing that the visual curve of the parameter's effect on the volume is misleading and raises the volume only a finite amount, not reaching a value that is audible when starting from -96. I'm not sure why the system would be designed this way. but I'm happy to have found my solution and am posting here in case others run across the same issue.
answered Aug 3, 2016 by Beatrix Moersch (3,280 points)