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Cube demo Footsteps

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Hi everyone!

Im doing the 101 course, and when I get to the Lesson4, and I go to Profile view, to connect the game and chek it, all Switches are : switch:default, no matter what type of floor the player walks through. Is it because the Cube demo? I am doing everything exactly like the Lessons says.
asked Aug 11, 2016 in General Discussion by Guillermo L. (110 points)

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There is a bug in the game demo, where texture type are not creating set up, causing footstep material types not to change correctly depending on the texture type the player character moves over.

I have created a full guide of how to implement footsteps and fix the above issue + other issues, it may help the bug you mention.
NOTE: The guide series i point towards is quite an advanced guide and will require to come away from the 101 guide series, so i suggest try to follow the 101 guide series first.

My guide series for the CUBE + Wwise:

Footstep related content is broken down into 5 parts, please see all Chapter 07 steps.
Starting here:
You will also need to reference the new hierarchy changes in Chapter  04 & 05 for Chapter 07 to make sense.

Hope the above advice helps you progress
answered Sep 19, 2018 by Graham S. (650 points)