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Transition segments don't play alongisde previous/post music playlist containers

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I've been running into a problem when using a transition segment between two music playlists. In our game, whenever you progress to the next level, Wwise will add another musical layer to the soundtrack (Lvl 1 - Kick Drum, Lvl2 Kick Drum and Bass etc). Currently I have it set up in the interactive music hierarchy. All music segments are within there own respective music playlist segments, these segments are then assigned to an individual state in the game syncs tab (State - Lvl 1 will trigger music playlist one, State - Lvl 2 will trigger music playlist two etc), and they all have a fade transition of one bar between them that is musically in time. 

When another musical layer is added in game I want to add a one bar cymbal roll to play alongside both the current and post music playlist. I am using the transition segment feature in the transitions tab to try and achieve this, this transition segment is a one bar cymbal roll (starting one bar before beat 1 of of the succeeding musical playlist). At the moment, I can't find a way to get the cymbal roll to play alongside the two musical playlists, what's happening at the moment is that Wwise will play musical playlist one, this then fades out, then the cymbal roll plays by itself, and then the succeeding musical playlist will play after. Is there a way to get the transition segment to play on top of each musical playlist in the transition tab? 

Thanks a lot (and I hope this makes sense!),


asked Aug 26, 2016 in General Discussion by David O. (100 points)

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This is an old question, so I'm assuming you figured it out?  For the benefit of anyone else wondering:

In the cymbal roll, set the entry cue and exit cue so they are both on the downbeat at the same point on top of one another.

In the transition, may need to adjust the fade offset so they overlap the sync point.
answered May 24, 2018 by Monty M. (2,680 points)