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Editing States window in Mixer Layout not working

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I'm working through the lessons for the Wwise-101 certification and have come across errors related to the steps found in Lesson 6 > Working With States.  I am using the Mac version of the Wwise software—Wwise 2016 Version 1.0.22.

First error:

I was able to add the state group ("PlayerLife") by double-clicking on the channel ("Environmental") and adding the state via the "Add >>" selector.  I can see the states ("Alive" and "Dead") under the state group.  However when I go back to the Mixing Desk and select either Alive or Dead in the "Editing States" window at the top, the parameters under the PlayerLife state remain greyed out, preventing me from making any changes.  I am able to resolve this by going back into the floating Environmental Bus Property Editor window and adjusting any level there.  Once I do that, if I go back to the Mixing Desk, the state values (e.g. Bus Volume) are active and can be changed.

Second Error:

According to #5 on this document, when the state is changed in the "Editing States" panel at the top of the Mixing Desk, the values on the channel strip should change accordingly.  However, when I change the state value in the dropdown menu, nothing changes in the channel strip in the Mixing Desk window.

These errors do not affect the functionality of the states in the Soundcaster window below.  In that window, I am able to change the states of an event and hear the result just fine.  "Follow States" and "Push States" in the "Editing States" window at the top also seem to be working fine.
asked Aug 28, 2016 in General Discussion by Paul T. (180 points)
Exactly the same thing happening to me right now.

It would be nice to know if this is actually a bug, since I exhausted every option.
I have duplicated this on Mac with 2016.1.2.5995. In the 101 and in a clean new project.
In Mix Layout, MIxing Desk, Edit States does not propagate a change of State. Also , changing state from other places in Wwise, eg. Soundcaster, the State is updated but the change does not update in the  Edit States section of the Mixing Desk.
It does not seem to be effected by saving and reloading the project.
So I would call it a readily reproducible  bug.
2016.2 - values in the Mix Session don't update with state changes (neither when connected to the game or offline), making Mix sessions basically unusable. I don't see this bug listed in the known bugs limitations list either :-(

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I've got exactly the same problems (on a Windows system).
When I change the state in the "editing State" Window in the mixer it stays on the parameters of the old level on my mixing desk. So maybe it is a bug on all systems?
I realized that, If you click on one of the busses there and move them, the numbers will switch to the according state. Maybe this helps untill the next patch ...
answered Oct 9, 2016 by Simon S. (220 points)