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Remote connection not working

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Hello, I'm new to Wwise so i'm sorry if this is a very basic question! - I just started with Wwise yesterday and installed everything ok, now i'm going through the Wwise-101 course and i've already run into a problem at the start and can't find a solution.

Following this:

Lesson 1 (Profiling the game) Step 4 - connecting to the Cube Demo, in the remote connections window under status it's saying "Different version (2015.1)".

how do i fix this?

i'm running Wwise2016 Version 1.0.22
asked Aug 30, 2016 in General Discussion by - (130 points)

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Hello Rob, you have this message reported because there is a mismatch between the cube version and the authoring version. The Wwise version that is running in the game has to match the authoring version when profiling.

Make sure to use 2015.1.x Mac Authoring when following the Wwise-101 course as the course is not yet 2016.1 compatible. You can download 2015.1.9 authoring from here:

By the way, make sure to restart the Lesson 1 and create a new project otherwise you will get an error when opening with 2015.1 the project you created with Wwise2016 authoring. (" The project or one of the work units has been saved with a more recent version of Wwise, and can't be opened ")

Hope this helps !
answered Aug 31, 2016 by Fabien B. (Audiokinetic) (12,850 points)
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Perfect! thanks for the quick response and detailed answer, very helpful with the additional info!

Back to the lessons.. looking forward to learning all this!