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How can I control 4 separate 3D emitters from a single logic structure?

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I have an elaborate logic structure using a series of sequence and random containers which live inside a top-level random container. The top level random container dictates several different ways in which 4 audio emitters can interact in 3D space. For example, one of the top level random container options might be: "Play A, then C". Another could be "Play A, then B/C/D together", and so on. The structure works great in Wwise, randomly selecting one of the top level options and working its way down through several randomized variations within whichever path is chosen on a particular play-through.

THE PROBLEM is that the four emitters (A, B, C, and D) need to have unique locations in 3D space. How can express to Unity/Wwise that A, B, C and D need to live as separate emitters in space, but function under this single logic structure? And if this is not possible, how can I possibly go about achieving this? If each of the four emitters needs to have a completely independent event, and events don't have their own logic structures (for example, I can't tell some top level event to choose from and trigger only one of a collection of events), what is left? This can't be that unique of a situation - there must be a way!

Any help would be appreciated...
asked Sep 23, 2016 in General Discussion by Beatrix Moersch (2,830 points)

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