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Event duration is wrong when using harmonizer [closed]

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We are using duration and end of events callbacks to synchronise conversations in our game. Recently the audio designer added some harmonizer effect to one of the character bark, and the duration returned by the callback is completely wrong as a result.

The source sound is about 2.9s, but with the harmonizer active the callback returns about 14s. The effect defines two voices at -800/+500 pitch.

Note that the end of event callback is also delayed, and removing the harmonizer effect fixes the problem, so it seems there must be a bug somewhere where the low pitch voice is taken into account for the duration of the event when it shouldn't.

Any chance someone can look at that?



closed with the note: opened a ticket instead
asked Sep 29, 2016 in General Discussion by Marc A. (130 points)
closed Sep 30, 2016 by Marc A.