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Attenuation question in WWise Project Adventure - Combat Section

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Hi there. I'm going through the WWise Project Adventure. In CH. 3 for combat, I just read the 'Attenuation for Player vs. NPC' section. In this chapter he talks about setting attenuation sharesets for NPC monsters and stuff so you can hear them before they attack, but when I check the project he gives you.. everything under the 'combat' work unit sounds are not prescribed any attenuation sharesets in the 'positioning' tab. So I'm a little confused. In the actual shareset menu I see a 'weapon_impact' and 'weapon_swing' attenuation shareset, but it isn't used on anything that I can see. And the settings seem to be the default settings anyway. Is there a reason for this? Are we just supposed to make them ourselves anyway? Was hoping to see how it was done first.

Thanks everyone! Hoping to finish this before the month is over.. Wish me good luck! xD
asked Oct 5, 2016 in General Discussion by Joshua S. (100 points)

1 Answer

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Hiya, thanks for taking the Adventure!


You're correct, only the 'Ambient' Attenuations have been subscribed to within the project! The intention was for the 'weapon_swing' Attenuation to be subscribed to the "Swing_Weapon_Type" Switch Container in 3D Positioning, leaving the "Impact_Weapon_Type" as 2D Positioning. The default is a good place to start in-order to audition the effect of attenuation, as most game engines treat distance units of measurement differently. In that way, for our example, the default is as good as any!


Additional information about Attenuations should be coming up for you in CH. 9 "Mixing Techniques for Attenuations"


Thank you for the clarifying question and happy adventuring!

answered Oct 12, 2016 by Damian K. (920 points)