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Wwise Unity: Nested State/Switch states not playing in Unity?

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So i have a combat Music Hiearchy Set up:

When Combat happens, i set the state to "Combat" Which has its path set to the shown Switch Group:

This works beautifully in the Wwise editor, the transitions are flowing, and its organized in a understandable manner.

But it does not play in Unity. Other State's Songs play just fine, but when combat happens, it goes silent until "Combat_End" state is set, where i only hear the "Victory" Switch variation if i meet the conditions in-game.
Then it returns to play music just fine, other than combat music.

Is there some Restriction or setup i need to do in order to get nested switch groups to play in unity? Some soundbank setup maybe?


asked Oct 6, 2016 in General Discussion by Jacob S. (100 points)

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